Colnbrook and Datchet

St Thomas, Colnbrook is a warm, friendly and welcoming church at the heart of a multicultural village. It has a small but faithful congregation and eucharistic worship with modern and traditional elements. Once a month it has Fun on Sunday family service with its own congregation. St Thomas’ hosts all large events for the village and has positive and engaging relationships with its 2 primary schools The church has a quiet garden, has good ecumenical relationships, hosts the Zimbabwean Apostolic Church and the local scout troops.

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St Mary, Datchet has a larger congregation and benefits from both organist and robed choir The church is in the heart of the village and is well regarded by village residents. There is standing room only at the significant events of the year. Datchet has 3 schools which have good relations with the church. St Mary’s has a modern church hall which hosts a variety of secular hirers. St Mary’s employs a part time administrator.

Ministers: In vacancy

Curate Revd Samson Kuponiyi 

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